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Why should you join the El Paso Hotel-Motel Association?

Government Participation

The Association works actively with the state and local elected officials. We closely monitor pending legislatgion and spending of revenues. Strong membership gives us a stronger voice in these matters.

Monthly Meetings

At the monthly luncheon, members get updates on local state and national trends from speakers such as the president of the Texas Hotel Motel Association.

Community Involvement

Our members and our associates works with a variety of community projects such as the Children’s Miracle Network, and El Paso Food Bank.

Product and Service

At each monthly meeting associate members of the Association have an opportunity to showcase their products or services to the participating hotel/motel members.

Education and Opportunities

The El Paso Hotel/Motel Association promotes continuing education for members and their staffs by sponsoring seminars and providing workshops to attend the annual "Short Course" at the Conrad Hilton College at the University of Houston.

Promoting Tourism

Members of the Association work to educate fellow members, the community and local politicians about the value of Travel and Tourism. Travel and Tourism is the world’s largest industry, and it is number three in our community.

What our members say.

"Texas is currently the second largest hotel/motel association in the United States. Therefore, your local involvement in the El Paso Hotel/Motel Association gives you many additional benefits that will enhance your success."Rich Cane, owner Cane Hotel Company.

"Membership in the El Paso Hotel/Motel Association helps me stay current community. Plus, the monthly luncheons are lots of fun!"Don Baumgardt, Publisher, Parallel Solutions

"The El Paso Hotel/Motel Association is a vital tool in the tourism effort for El Paso through its relationship with the city and county government. The Association has a strong position in the community."Joe Frandina, Owner/GM of Holiday Inn Express Central

Membership Dues

Please fill the EPHMA dues form file and send check to

P.O. Box 372376, El Paso, Texas 79937-2376